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artistic and shrouded interests February 16, 2007

Posted by rj juarez in commissions.
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i was supposed to leave this page blank with a title.  what’s the difference between artistic and shrouded interests?

i can see the masters talking attractive women through for a nude quick sketch.  againsts expectations, they really can (and my eyes went enlarged of amazement)!  ofcourse, amazement to their speech abilities but not on seeing huh.hehehe i never thought that was possible with frequency.  maybe for some endangered days you can but not on most ordinary days.whahaha  before i thought it was not possible to talk through getting the clothes off of a complete stranger (without paying) inside 10 minutes.  and i was shocked!

i for one have some attractive nude volunteers from mere ranting of my art assistants.  ofcourse it starts out with a joke (my assistant’s) but unlike most friends who has an easy hide-away in their galleries i don’t (assuming its an artistic interest).  and i fear of scheduling one even if they leave their numbers.  barely legal to lessthan 20 conversant females in age.  i fear of a frame-up..hehehe “fearful me”, i said! 

but on the other hand, maybe its just an ordinary occurence to the life of an artist.  and i maybe in the mountains to long to know of such common knowledge.  after establishing that its possible what separates an artistic and shrouded interest?  i assume that some artists actually shroud personal things in the artsy world.  but who knows maybe shrouding is part of the artistic experience.

i’m in awe seeing such attractive girls after the master’s session.  as in wooow!  “but what’s the truth”, my critical minds thinks.  again it stays only in mind because for some reason i dont do it even if its free!whahahaha


cash flow and artistic excellence February 11, 2007

Posted by rj juarez in commissions.

last week, i was talking to sir benjie belgica, a well respected and well-made artist (search his ncca commendation on google) in the philippines.  he has his “atelier banucci” art gallery on the 2nd floor of robinson’s mall in iloilo.  we were talking about a lot of things but one of the ends of the conversation was a strategic cashflow to support an artistic pursuit of excellence in studying new art media.

ofcourse it is very hard for artists to continually tend to its creative mind.  a lot of things run to it from mere interactions with people, appreciation of an experience, or even a mere viewing of sceneries.  such high influx of creativity will be wasteful if all of the ideas in mind can not be done on real 3d-form at the onset of the art experience.  the instance of sudden shock!  also, entertaining a lot of this studies will be very costly since it either involve new techniques, new media, new procedures and a lot of other things that will be too heavy for the pocket.  i can see that most artists stagnate and have been doing works similar if not exactly the same as what they have done for years because of a cash flow problem.  some even stop to be artists on the middle of their life.  a tragic event to see a “master” working for petty jobs.

so the answer to this burning dillema is a daily cash flow or a “cash cow” in marketing parlance.  i shared to him that the cash flow for my artistic pursuit are this photo collages (treated as a novelty item), framing (treated as a supply item), canvass emulsion processing (treated as a service item).  but ofcouse done with a distinctive level of artistry that is mine.  these cash flow items make me dream of things without proper value today.  i know that this environmental art of ceramics, stones, plastics, driftwoods, panty-liners (im really serious about this..hehe) and other things will be valued and appreciated by the society later on when our environmental murders are convicted with disasters to our earth.  we are also studying fiberglass, leaves, tigbaw as a handmade paper raw material which would need more delicate time for advancement.  without a cashflow item, we might hurry all of this up and not wait for its perfect time to be ripe.

he also noted that my other businesses allow me to make events on an instant for my projects.  ofcourse it is true but i don’t mix my entrepreneurial pursuit of excellence to my artistic pursuit of excellence.  i’ll only offer accumosaic as the “sacrificial lamb” and not my other entrepreneurial projects.

frameless invisibility February 2, 2007

Posted by rj juarez in art, commissions, finished work, mosaic.
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i have made a series of artpieces with invisibility as a concept.  in near view, 9 out of 10 people don’t recognize it and just thought that its just a collection of jumbled up photos.  i have also processed it on fine canvass and clipped a photo on each of the side for a 3d feel.  it can be presented as is, that is canvass stretched on wood for a more modernistic appeal or tied up to a frame not really framing it!  for a different look.  this piece is currently displayed in our display gallery in sm city iloilo mall for possible client’s to have a look.  it could be properly transferred to the art republic galleries in robinson’s iloilo mall later this month.  it’s also available for sale.  the details are as follows:

c.jpg       b.jpg

title:  invisible flight 

canvass size:  30″ x 40″

folded size:  26″ x 36″

composition:  flowers on butterfly

medium:  emulsion on canvass

artist:  rj juarez

price:  18,000