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artistic and shrouded interests February 16, 2007

Posted by rj juarez in commissions.

i was supposed to leave this page blank with a title.  what’s the difference between artistic and shrouded interests?

i can see the masters talking attractive women through for a nude quick sketch.  againsts expectations, they really can (and my eyes went enlarged of amazement)!  ofcourse, amazement to their speech abilities but not on seeing huh.hehehe i never thought that was possible with frequency.  maybe for some endangered days you can but not on most ordinary days.whahaha  before i thought it was not possible to talk through getting the clothes off of a complete stranger (without paying) inside 10 minutes.  and i was shocked!

i for one have some attractive nude volunteers from mere ranting of my art assistants.  ofcourse it starts out with a joke (my assistant’s) but unlike most friends who has an easy hide-away in their galleries i don’t (assuming its an artistic interest).  and i fear of scheduling one even if they leave their numbers.  barely legal to lessthan 20 conversant females in age.  i fear of a frame-up..hehehe “fearful me”, i said! 

but on the other hand, maybe its just an ordinary occurence to the life of an artist.  and i maybe in the mountains to long to know of such common knowledge.  after establishing that its possible what separates an artistic and shrouded interest?  i assume that some artists actually shroud personal things in the artsy world.  but who knows maybe shrouding is part of the artistic experience.

i’m in awe seeing such attractive girls after the master’s session.  as in wooow!  “but what’s the truth”, my critical minds thinks.  again it stays only in mind because for some reason i dont do it even if its free!whahahaha



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