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imagine a scaped land.. May 3, 2007

Posted by rj juarez in commissions.

i’ll bet maam reb would laugh again at the play of words of this post.  “how can there be a scaped land, you actually meant landscaping!”, i imagine she’ll correct me again laughing.

recently i enjoy writing about experiences and life.  about visions, dreams and fears without really understanding the technicals of english writing |http://accukix.wordpress.com|.  i freely write without inhibitions of grammar and then press the “post” carefree.  it’s usually without inhibitions and it’s least likely that i even edit it after (even if i see that its wrong).  i love to think what prompted me to “- scape” the words that certain way (errr..or perhaps im amazed that i really don’t know the technicals of writing..hehe).

i love to frame my emotions, feelings and thoughts on the moment of sudden shock.  on the moment of first instance, i always wish to capture the emotion on its raw form and then laugh days, weeks, months and even years after about what prompted me to feel that way.  that emotion is usually transformed into an innovative business or an artpiece.  i get inspired from these emotion-contortion stuff.  especially on the saddest of emotions.  my mind is so programmed that everytime i’ll be sad it will be balanced out by a great vision just days after.  sometimes i fear that i’m just playing my emotions out to get this trophy experiences, artpieces, projects and operating assets (feeling finance stud..hahaha).

so back with the landscape thing now (and not inside the complexities of my my mindscape..hahaha) just click on the pictures below to see our activity early this morning:

a1.jpg  b2.jpg  d1.jpg

e1.jpg  c2.jpg



1. tala - May 3, 2007

so far, this is your best work of art. i’m proud of you…

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