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lightscapes at the church May 3, 2007

Posted by rj juarez in commissions.

aa.jpg  ac.jpg  ab.jpg  ad.jpg

here are some of our unfinished works on our play of lights in the barotac nuevo parish.  we’re thinking of adding up a directional spot uplight on both sides of the island and adjust the floodlight above in a more accurate angle to not counterflow the underwater wave light we placed on the exterior pond.

the exterior pond would overflow from the revolving water which is designed to play with the natural intensity and luminance of a floating candle for the devotee’s prayer.  the glassworks will be added tommorow to have a step flow water effect on the exterior pond.  we are presently experimenting with the acoustics of using certain types of stones.

it looks like our “challenge project” came a long way than expected.  thank you dear lord.  let this be a testament of your greatness and to remind us to care for our environment.  in a personal context, let this be my obelisk to be always reminded that although im complicating my simple life, it should flow freely in your natural guidance to guide me choose what is right despite the unpredictability of the flows of life.

ah.jpg  af.jpg  ag.jpg  ae.jpg     



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