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pecking order May 25, 2007

Posted by rj juarez in commissions.

technological advances pose a shift in the equilibriums of everything.  contrary to public opinion, the art industry in not an exception!  for instance, the eve of photography posed a threat to the day jobs of painters.  painters used to work on masterpieces on gusto at night but kept day jobs as portraitist to provide a cash flow for a decent living at day. 

old artists then are historically the greatest critics of photography because of the competitive effect to their industry and not merely on the artsy aesthetic value.  in general, the population of artists is technologically resistant.  this would result in the carry-over of such influence to the general public since it is not the popular view of art critics (which of course acts on self interest).

however new media, techniques, technology and experience to create an art form can never be stoppedn  no one has control over innovation and creativity.  in fact the authentic purpose of holding art exhibits is not just on promoting an art collection but on presenting to the general public (as you would present a thesis) new information to the realm of the art knowledge.  sadly, this has not been the case in most art exhibits.  artists exhibit to the art buying market what it expects instead of presenting something new it would appreciate less as of this period.  in fernando amorsolo’s case, he presented in exhibits a slice of life of rural Philippines.  He loved to portray artworks of rice planting and harvesting seasons and filipiniana women doing laundry on the flowing waters of the river. these scenes were very innovative of his time.  this innovation provided him low value low turnover works at the beginning but had abrupt increases in values until he was dead. 

riding the technological wave of change and gaining monetary incomes doesn’t always correlate.  today’s technology is a leap-frog of aid in developing new artforms.  gone are the days when artists develop art concepts by hand sketches and blindly build massive projects without a clear perception of its certainty in reality!  in today’s technology, weird concepts of using refrigerators, washing machines and gas ranges to form body parts of a cart-wheeling football player assemblage statue that is 30 ft in height is not a dream anymore.  These concepts can be virtually played on 3Dmax and AutoCAD software that is intended for architectural designs.  with minor adjustments and tweaks on its source codes it can play forever with the artist’s mind.  warmness of artificial lights, luminance on dark lights and color intensity on ambient light can be projected perfectly using the extensive design capacity of Adobe PhotoShop CS3 on two dimensional space.  these softwares are the same technology used in international design houses which virtually levels the playing field in technology irregardless of financial capacity. inspiration for new art media, techniques and concepts has now been widened because of the availability of the World Wide Web.  artists can virtually immerse in the cultural spectacle of life at the least time.  additionally the web culture is a great inspiration in iftself; it is very different from the real cultures of society and would thus present new sources of positive and negative inspiration for an artistic mind.  the experience of the spectacle of web life is the defining comparative advantage of web-emerged artist compared to traditional artists now as defined by the pecking order of its society!



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