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relative realities October 3, 2007

Posted by rj juarez in commissions.
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its 9:33pm, august 3 and a wednesday.

i can’t still start my philippine art awards entry.  perhaps im expecting of something out of the ordinary to get me going.  something simply exciting that is simple and real.

but i found that the word “real” is very endangered if not non-existent in this world now.  people have varying views on what is real when ironically there is always the simplest of answers.

i want to do an artwork with varying levels of depth.  this depth produced by different components will make an artform of shadows.  shadows that if seen slightly left of center will make a different impression than from the right of center.  even if you look straight on it, differenent lighting placements will produce a different appeal to a viewer.

i guess this is life for most people.  we tend to change our view of reality and truth by choosing the position where the dark spots in our lives will be covered in shadows and normal things will be highlighted in spot light.  reality is relative for us because we choose how we see things and for some sick influential people they influence light’s placements.

reality in this artworks’s case can only be seen by a dead straight flat light made by a simple camera flash.  its evenly lit getting the relativity of how we choose to see.

ofcourse PR people will hate this because they influence light like in the ZTE-NBN deals.  its like a game of chess but is never real.