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immortal chances May 20, 2008

Posted by rj juarez in art, opinions, studies.
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this week, i have been told by complete strangers, “ngaa smiling face ka sir haw?”.

from coffee shop baristas, to net cafe attendants, to electronics shop attendants to donut girls.  my seeming excitement can’t be hidden in my face and im not even looking at them to justify an unsolicited comment!hehe  im gauging that im now in one of the creative phases of my life.

perhaps i should start to do now the 40ft x 30ft artwork in our in-renovation church.  they are building a tall structure above the present one and extending the altar backwards.  we casually talked about the said artpiece on the lunch after the blessing of the saint antony environmental art but no commitments were made.  msgr. pet said that i could start purchasing the needed materials the day after but i said that i’ll have a moratorium rest period after long months of doing the 1st one.

i might not have a chance to be immortal in the artworks i make morethan this one.  i also have a perfect mindset to do it, so why wait.  i was thinking that even if i’ll be dead centuries after.  the proposed artwork on the altar will continually be seen by the grand sons of my grand sons and every parishoners in our town.

i’ll post some photo study of the proposed area of placement and some considerations of materials.  perfect chance and perfect timing of my emotions.  “so why wait?”, i said.