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About Us

Our Mission 

To authentically create artforms of the highest quality.  In able to promote the caring of our environment by making people appreciate beauty from mere wastes and by-products of our society!  Also to awaken people’s senses to the natural beauty of our environment.

Who We Are 

RJ Juarez, the creative director of accumosaic, is a person trying to fuse his love for the arts and entrepreneurship.  He has a Business Administration degree Major in Marketing from the University of the Philippines in the Visayas.  He was awarded by ABS-CBN with the Ten Outstanding Highschool Students of Iloilo in 1998 .

He has a wide variety of life experiences from the streets and formal institutions that helped made develop his wildly different art sense.  He has been selling watermelons and mangoes in the public market since he was 9 (to buy a soccer spike shoes).  He has played speed chess both in sidewalks and national competitions which exposed him to some of the most eccentric and creative people (to afford snacks in highschool).  He has also made silkscreen t-shirt designs for school activities and wood framing of crafts in college (to pay for the tuition).

He is a young, dynamic entrepreneur, with company start-up, operations, quality control and product innovation experience.  He has an 8 year track-record in managing and marketing of several AccuVentures projects including AccuDish Satellite TV (Iloilo Regional Distribution), AccuPlay Internet Cafes, AccuClear Water Processing, AccuVend Water Vending Machine Fabrication among others. Particularly, he brings his experience in management and product innovation to AccuMosaic Art Studio.

AccuMosaic is presently developing art projects from environmental wastes.  Ceramic tiles from building contractors, drift wood from sea shores, blood-stained sanitary napkins, used rubber slippers and other found objects are among the wide medium that they make into an artform.

Among the other artforms that accumosaic has already done are the digital artmaking of photo collages, mosaic of pictures and photo-to-canvass processing.

Our Creative Process

Each tessarae is hand cut to the necessary size, shape and shade.  They are then skillfully plastered on small cement groupings, adjusted and secured, producing an artistic composition that will be treasured for generations.

With over 4 talented creative assistants in our workshop, we pride ourselves in having a team that believes in this form of art and embraces the history and beauty of making assemblages.

Shipping and Installation

We ship worldwide to any location.  We ship all mosaics via DHL Express.  You should expect your shipment in 3-5 business days after the completion of the design depending on the design criteria.  We will send you a tracking number once your piece has been shipped.  Shipping Cost via DHL Express is approximately $2.75 per pound inclusive of handling and insurance fees.  For bulk order, we can arrange other means of shipment. Please email us for details.

Our web site provides some instructions on installation and we can provide support assistance to our customers through email or phone.  on large projects, we have a staff of 3 installers ready to travel to meet critical projects.

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