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relative realities October 3, 2007

Posted by rj juarez in commissions.
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its 9:33pm, august 3 and a wednesday.

i can’t still start my philippine art awards entry.  perhaps im expecting of something out of the ordinary to get me going.  something simply exciting that is simple and real.

but i found that the word “real” is very endangered if not non-existent in this world now.  people have varying views on what is real when ironically there is always the simplest of answers.

i want to do an artwork with varying levels of depth.  this depth produced by different components will make an artform of shadows.  shadows that if seen slightly left of center will make a different impression than from the right of center.  even if you look straight on it, differenent lighting placements will produce a different appeal to a viewer.

i guess this is life for most people.  we tend to change our view of reality and truth by choosing the position where the dark spots in our lives will be covered in shadows and normal things will be highlighted in spot light.  reality is relative for us because we choose how we see things and for some sick influential people they influence light’s placements.

reality in this artworks’s case can only be seen by a dead straight flat light made by a simple camera flash.  its evenly lit getting the relativity of how we choose to see.

ofcourse PR people will hate this because they influence light like in the ZTE-NBN deals.  its like a game of chess but is never real.


pecking order May 25, 2007

Posted by rj juarez in commissions.
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technological advances pose a shift in the equilibriums of everything.  contrary to public opinion, the art industry in not an exception!  for instance, the eve of photography posed a threat to the day jobs of painters.  painters used to work on masterpieces on gusto at night but kept day jobs as portraitist to provide a cash flow for a decent living at day. 

old artists then are historically the greatest critics of photography because of the competitive effect to their industry and not merely on the artsy aesthetic value.  in general, the population of artists is technologically resistant.  this would result in the carry-over of such influence to the general public since it is not the popular view of art critics (which of course acts on self interest).

however new media, techniques, technology and experience to create an art form can never be stoppedn  no one has control over innovation and creativity.  in fact the authentic purpose of holding art exhibits is not just on promoting an art collection but on presenting to the general public (as you would present a thesis) new information to the realm of the art knowledge.  sadly, this has not been the case in most art exhibits.  artists exhibit to the art buying market what it expects instead of presenting something new it would appreciate less as of this period.  in fernando amorsolo’s case, he presented in exhibits a slice of life of rural Philippines.  He loved to portray artworks of rice planting and harvesting seasons and filipiniana women doing laundry on the flowing waters of the river. these scenes were very innovative of his time.  this innovation provided him low value low turnover works at the beginning but had abrupt increases in values until he was dead. 

riding the technological wave of change and gaining monetary incomes doesn’t always correlate.  today’s technology is a leap-frog of aid in developing new artforms.  gone are the days when artists develop art concepts by hand sketches and blindly build massive projects without a clear perception of its certainty in reality!  in today’s technology, weird concepts of using refrigerators, washing machines and gas ranges to form body parts of a cart-wheeling football player assemblage statue that is 30 ft in height is not a dream anymore.  These concepts can be virtually played on 3Dmax and AutoCAD software that is intended for architectural designs.  with minor adjustments and tweaks on its source codes it can play forever with the artist’s mind.  warmness of artificial lights, luminance on dark lights and color intensity on ambient light can be projected perfectly using the extensive design capacity of Adobe PhotoShop CS3 on two dimensional space.  these softwares are the same technology used in international design houses which virtually levels the playing field in technology irregardless of financial capacity. inspiration for new art media, techniques and concepts has now been widened because of the availability of the World Wide Web.  artists can virtually immerse in the cultural spectacle of life at the least time.  additionally the web culture is a great inspiration in iftself; it is very different from the real cultures of society and would thus present new sources of positive and negative inspiration for an artistic mind.  the experience of the spectacle of web life is the defining comparative advantage of web-emerged artist compared to traditional artists now as defined by the pecking order of its society!

lightscapes at the church May 3, 2007

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aa.jpg  ac.jpg  ab.jpg  ad.jpg

here are some of our unfinished works on our play of lights in the barotac nuevo parish.  we’re thinking of adding up a directional spot uplight on both sides of the island and adjust the floodlight above in a more accurate angle to not counterflow the underwater wave light we placed on the exterior pond.

the exterior pond would overflow from the revolving water which is designed to play with the natural intensity and luminance of a floating candle for the devotee’s prayer.  the glassworks will be added tommorow to have a step flow water effect on the exterior pond.  we are presently experimenting with the acoustics of using certain types of stones.

it looks like our “challenge project” came a long way than expected.  thank you dear lord.  let this be a testament of your greatness and to remind us to care for our environment.  in a personal context, let this be my obelisk to be always reminded that although im complicating my simple life, it should flow freely in your natural guidance to guide me choose what is right despite the unpredictability of the flows of life.

ah.jpg  af.jpg  ag.jpg  ae.jpg     

imagine a scaped land.. May 3, 2007

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i’ll bet maam reb would laugh again at the play of words of this post.  “how can there be a scaped land, you actually meant landscaping!”, i imagine she’ll correct me again laughing.

recently i enjoy writing about experiences and life.  about visions, dreams and fears without really understanding the technicals of english writing |http://accukix.wordpress.com|.  i freely write without inhibitions of grammar and then press the “post” carefree.  it’s usually without inhibitions and it’s least likely that i even edit it after (even if i see that its wrong).  i love to think what prompted me to “- scape” the words that certain way (errr..or perhaps im amazed that i really don’t know the technicals of writing..hehe).

i love to frame my emotions, feelings and thoughts on the moment of sudden shock.  on the moment of first instance, i always wish to capture the emotion on its raw form and then laugh days, weeks, months and even years after about what prompted me to feel that way.  that emotion is usually transformed into an innovative business or an artpiece.  i get inspired from these emotion-contortion stuff.  especially on the saddest of emotions.  my mind is so programmed that everytime i’ll be sad it will be balanced out by a great vision just days after.  sometimes i fear that i’m just playing my emotions out to get this trophy experiences, artpieces, projects and operating assets (feeling finance stud..hahaha).

so back with the landscape thing now (and not inside the complexities of my my mindscape..hahaha) just click on the pictures below to see our activity early this morning:

a1.jpg  b2.jpg  d1.jpg

e1.jpg  c2.jpg

driftwood: inspiration and experience April 5, 2007

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its maundy thursday and i was reflecting on some isolous (creating words again..whahahaha) trees in coastal road, dumangas, iloilo.


im again intellectualizing this experience with some complexities of my simple life.  i was also scheduling a clean up operation to get some waste on this seashore as media for an artpiece.  maybe some twigs of drifted woods on the sand which traversed from the mountains by gliding thru the river channels of iloilo.


i was thinking of sharing this experience with someone special.  i guess the artmaking itself is just a trophy of the art experience.  thank you lord for again inspiring me to view things of no value with excitement!

artistic and shrouded interests February 16, 2007

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i was supposed to leave this page blank with a title.  what’s the difference between artistic and shrouded interests?

i can see the masters talking attractive women through for a nude quick sketch.  againsts expectations, they really can (and my eyes went enlarged of amazement)!  ofcourse, amazement to their speech abilities but not on seeing huh.hehehe i never thought that was possible with frequency.  maybe for some endangered days you can but not on most ordinary days.whahaha  before i thought it was not possible to talk through getting the clothes off of a complete stranger (without paying) inside 10 minutes.  and i was shocked!

i for one have some attractive nude volunteers from mere ranting of my art assistants.  ofcourse it starts out with a joke (my assistant’s) but unlike most friends who has an easy hide-away in their galleries i don’t (assuming its an artistic interest).  and i fear of scheduling one even if they leave their numbers.  barely legal to lessthan 20 conversant females in age.  i fear of a frame-up..hehehe “fearful me”, i said! 

but on the other hand, maybe its just an ordinary occurence to the life of an artist.  and i maybe in the mountains to long to know of such common knowledge.  after establishing that its possible what separates an artistic and shrouded interest?  i assume that some artists actually shroud personal things in the artsy world.  but who knows maybe shrouding is part of the artistic experience.

i’m in awe seeing such attractive girls after the master’s session.  as in wooow!  “but what’s the truth”, my critical minds thinks.  again it stays only in mind because for some reason i dont do it even if its free!whahahaha

cash flow and artistic excellence February 11, 2007

Posted by rj juarez in commissions.

last week, i was talking to sir benjie belgica, a well respected and well-made artist (search his ncca commendation on google) in the philippines.  he has his “atelier banucci” art gallery on the 2nd floor of robinson’s mall in iloilo.  we were talking about a lot of things but one of the ends of the conversation was a strategic cashflow to support an artistic pursuit of excellence in studying new art media.

ofcourse it is very hard for artists to continually tend to its creative mind.  a lot of things run to it from mere interactions with people, appreciation of an experience, or even a mere viewing of sceneries.  such high influx of creativity will be wasteful if all of the ideas in mind can not be done on real 3d-form at the onset of the art experience.  the instance of sudden shock!  also, entertaining a lot of this studies will be very costly since it either involve new techniques, new media, new procedures and a lot of other things that will be too heavy for the pocket.  i can see that most artists stagnate and have been doing works similar if not exactly the same as what they have done for years because of a cash flow problem.  some even stop to be artists on the middle of their life.  a tragic event to see a “master” working for petty jobs.

so the answer to this burning dillema is a daily cash flow or a “cash cow” in marketing parlance.  i shared to him that the cash flow for my artistic pursuit are this photo collages (treated as a novelty item), framing (treated as a supply item), canvass emulsion processing (treated as a service item).  but ofcouse done with a distinctive level of artistry that is mine.  these cash flow items make me dream of things without proper value today.  i know that this environmental art of ceramics, stones, plastics, driftwoods, panty-liners (im really serious about this..hehe) and other things will be valued and appreciated by the society later on when our environmental murders are convicted with disasters to our earth.  we are also studying fiberglass, leaves, tigbaw as a handmade paper raw material which would need more delicate time for advancement.  without a cashflow item, we might hurry all of this up and not wait for its perfect time to be ripe.

he also noted that my other businesses allow me to make events on an instant for my projects.  ofcourse it is true but i don’t mix my entrepreneurial pursuit of excellence to my artistic pursuit of excellence.  i’ll only offer accumosaic as the “sacrificial lamb” and not my other entrepreneurial projects.

frameless invisibility February 2, 2007

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i have made a series of artpieces with invisibility as a concept.  in near view, 9 out of 10 people don’t recognize it and just thought that its just a collection of jumbled up photos.  i have also processed it on fine canvass and clipped a photo on each of the side for a 3d feel.  it can be presented as is, that is canvass stretched on wood for a more modernistic appeal or tied up to a frame not really framing it!  for a different look.  this piece is currently displayed in our display gallery in sm city iloilo mall for possible client’s to have a look.  it could be properly transferred to the art republic galleries in robinson’s iloilo mall later this month.  it’s also available for sale.  the details are as follows:

c.jpg       b.jpg

title:  invisible flight 

canvass size:  30″ x 40″

folded size:  26″ x 36″

composition:  flowers on butterfly

medium:  emulsion on canvass

artist:  rj juarez

price:  18,000

the “dinagyang” commission January 25, 2007

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iloilo city, philippines is known for the trembling of the drum beats and active street performances of warrior tribes in a ground breaking fashion (that’s a word by word metaphore).  actually, just mock warriors and not real ones performed mostly by the city’s students.  it’s a tourism spectacle every 3rd week of january, just days before chinese new year.  i guess this was scheduled to pump up the local economy at its weakest point.  usually mondays.  great artists (in the previous entries they were described) are going down their solitary fortresses to share their art pieces (like warrior custumes, back drops, etc).  people who want to concentrate on solitary pursuit of art excellence not known by the pop culture group!  here are some pictures from dinagyang 2005

9154466257553l.jpg  9154395532027l.jpg

as to my contribution, i made a large photo collage.  i actually forgot the size.  nearest guess is 10ft x 14ft for the city government and sm city iloilo mall.  it is placed on the stairs of the back parking entry way near ace hardware.  here are some photos.  i just hope that i’ll have the time to take some clicks.

dsc00399.jpg  dsc00400.jpg

www.accumosaic.com! January 24, 2007

Posted by rj juarez in commissions.

accumosaic is ecstatic to have its official site, www.accumosaic.com up.  it is still presently in development.  adding more content to the portfolio page and ironing out the online payment facility options.  thanks for the friends who reviewed the site and offered insights on content revisions, general aesthetics and approach.