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frameless invisibility February 2, 2007

Posted by rj juarez in art, commissions, finished work, mosaic.
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i have made a series of artpieces with invisibility as a concept.  in near view, 9 out of 10 people don’t recognize it and just thought that its just a collection of jumbled up photos.  i have also processed it on fine canvass and clipped a photo on each of the side for a 3d feel.  it can be presented as is, that is canvass stretched on wood for a more modernistic appeal or tied up to a frame not really framing it!  for a different look.  this piece is currently displayed in our display gallery in sm city iloilo mall for possible client’s to have a look.  it could be properly transferred to the art republic galleries in robinson’s iloilo mall later this month.  it’s also available for sale.  the details are as follows:

c.jpg       b.jpg

title:  invisible flight 

canvass size:  30″ x 40″

folded size:  26″ x 36″

composition:  flowers on butterfly

medium:  emulsion on canvass

artist:  rj juarez

price:  18,000


the “dinagyang” commission January 25, 2007

Posted by rj juarez in art, commissions, finished work, mosaic.
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iloilo city, philippines is known for the trembling of the drum beats and active street performances of warrior tribes in a ground breaking fashion (that’s a word by word metaphore).  actually, just mock warriors and not real ones performed mostly by the city’s students.  it’s a tourism spectacle every 3rd week of january, just days before chinese new year.  i guess this was scheduled to pump up the local economy at its weakest point.  usually mondays.  great artists (in the previous entries they were described) are going down their solitary fortresses to share their art pieces (like warrior custumes, back drops, etc).  people who want to concentrate on solitary pursuit of art excellence not known by the pop culture group!  here are some pictures from dinagyang 2005

9154466257553l.jpg  9154395532027l.jpg

as to my contribution, i made a large photo collage.  i actually forgot the size.  nearest guess is 10ft x 14ft for the city government and sm city iloilo mall.  it is placed on the stairs of the back parking entry way near ace hardware.  here are some photos.  i just hope that i’ll have the time to take some clicks.

dsc00399.jpg  dsc00400.jpg