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immortal chances May 20, 2008

Posted by rj juarez in art, opinions, studies.
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this week, i have been told by complete strangers, “ngaa smiling face ka sir haw?”.

from coffee shop baristas, to net cafe attendants, to electronics shop attendants to donut girls.  my seeming excitement can’t be hidden in my face and im not even looking at them to justify an unsolicited comment!hehe  im gauging that im now in one of the creative phases of my life.

perhaps i should start to do now the 40ft x 30ft artwork in our in-renovation church.  they are building a tall structure above the present one and extending the altar backwards.  we casually talked about the said artpiece on the lunch after the blessing of the saint antony environmental art but no commitments were made.  msgr. pet said that i could start purchasing the needed materials the day after but i said that i’ll have a moratorium rest period after long months of doing the 1st one.

i might not have a chance to be immortal in the artworks i make morethan this one.  i also have a perfect mindset to do it, so why wait.  i was thinking that even if i’ll be dead centuries after.  the proposed artwork on the altar will continually be seen by the grand sons of my grand sons and every parishoners in our town.

i’ll post some photo study of the proposed area of placement and some considerations of materials.  perfect chance and perfect timing of my emotions.  “so why wait?”, i said.


listening vs. artistic independence January 29, 2007

Posted by rj juarez in art, content, opinions, studies.
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perhaps “listen” is such a powerful concept placed inside the box of this six letter word. perhaps for people who don’t, such a concept doesn’t exist. maybe there is this non-conformist part of me which makes me listen less and be continually bullish with my own thoughts. and my record of not loosing (though not necessarily earning much) blindly pushes me to non-conformity. i get a certain hype when people tell me that its wrong and not doable (a hype to do it more). kaya i’m having a prob now on interpreting my gf’s view of stopping this used sanitary napkin art (see www.accumosaic.com).  because she knows my non-conformist personality and might just not mean it in toto but rather further motivate me..hehehe or perhaps i’m a person who really don’t listen.. i have observed that the more people believe on things they previously thought not doable the more i get demotivated to do it. i love people to despise me, to not listen, to hate and to be angrily nerve wracked (hala..im giving some people a clue). it motivates me more. and because of that thought-process and some successes with it. it makes me a non-conformist hard headed bullish non-listener. sometimes i feel that it’s wrong. for example, i like this hard wood frames coz for my taste it looks great and has an aesthetic value! im forcing this thought to people and have been continually explaining its diference with popular polystyrene frames. ofcourse there are some people who actually liked it but i continually didn’t listen to more of people’s opinions. opinions like:

1. “it looks great aesthetically but its too big for our home.”

2. “it looks affordable but our budget could not afford it.”

3. “it looks heavy and non-minimalist for modern homes.”

4. “wow, it takes a long to make!”

5. “we can’t preview the finish product since it’s custom-made”

6. “its too flaunting for a conservative illongo home”

dsc00212.jpg  dsc00190.jpg

 dsc00188.jpg dsc00186.jpg

dsc00185.jpg dsc00182.jpg

 i did not listen to these because i believed so much on what i think and believed that i could sway people to my thoughts. in reality, i may have shifted some expectations and provided new options but its non compatible to most people’s homes, ceiling height, purchasing power. its big, lengthy and a lot of other nega things. sometimes i hate my idea of being in business “to learn than earn”. i wanted to learn if i could really push what i wanted to the market instead of listening into the market. and i got what i wanter by earning less. if i just listened with the polystyrene thing it would have earned me more. but for the past 5 months, i did not. just today. businesswise it costs less, its faster to make (20 minutes or so), it has a lot of variety (since plastic moulds are used), it will provide higher margin ratios, it’s not heavy, it can be transported easily, no need for personnel assistance and most of all it will fit in with the designs of a regular home of the target market. so foolish of me to push on what i like and not hear what the market wants. i would like to give some other examples on its effect on my personal life but i’m too tired of seing in my face all my foolishness.